Conservatorship Court Bond

What is a Conservatorship Court Bond?

A Conservatorship Court Bond is required of a guardian or fiduciary who handles funds on behalf of another person that can no longer handle financial matters on their own.  The person could be elderly, incapacitated, or a minor.  The bond ensures that the court appointed conservator handles all of the fiduciary affairs of the person to whom they are assigned.

How does a Conservatorship Court Bond Work?

This type of Surety Bond guarantees that the person handling the financial and fiduciary affairs of a person is ethical and honest while handling all the affairs for a person.  The bond amounts can be increased or decreased as the value of the estate, trust, or benefits change.  The amounts may change annually.  These bonds are billed annually and may require an annual accounting report to the court requesting the conservatorship.

How much does a Conservatorship Court Bond Cost?

The cost for a Conservatorship Court Bond is typically based on the credit history of the person who will be in charge of a person’s financial wellbeing and benefits.  The best measure for quoting will be based on the personal credit history of the guardian or caregiver that is required to post the bond.  Should an applicant be considered borderline, we may need to review personal financials or possibly a resume to secure a quote. At Universal Service Agency we specialize in placing clients in any circumstance that may present itself from “superior credit” to “less than perfect credit” and everything in between.

How do I get a Conservatorship Court Bond?

You can get a Conservatorship Court Bond by contacting surety bond agents/brokers. Since you’re already here, you can give us a call at 215-646-2400 or Apply Now here.

How to Choose a Bonding Company?

Universal Service Agency offers Surety Service Made Simple. We are the fastest surety only agency in the country, with over 100 years of combined surety experience servicing all 50 states. We exhaust all of our resources to get you the fastest turnaround times and lowest rates. We can help anyone, even clients that may not fit into the standard market. You can get a free quote here or call our bond experts at 215-646-2400.

How long does it take to get a Conservatorship Court Bond?

Universal can issue bonds the same day an application is received. The amount of time between application and issuance is affected by a number of factors though, including but not limited to, the size of the obligation, the type of bond, and promptness of the premium payment.

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