Has the court ruled that a bond is required?
Is a bond required in order to obtain a professional license?
Do you need to obtain a bond because you have been elected or appointed as a public official?
Are you required to obtain a bond in order to make sure taxes are paid to the State?
Are you a contractor that is required to obtain a permit or license to work in a city or state?
Do you need a bond to cover turnpike, toll or transportation broker fees?
Do you need a bond to cover employee's dishonest acts?
Have you been told by a town or city that a bond is required in order to make improvements to a property?
Do you need a bond in order to sell livestock, stamps or lottery tickets?
Were you asked by a utility company to post a bond?
Have you lost an official document that needs to be replaced?
Do you need a bond to cover patient funds or durable goods sales?
Have you won or negotiated a job for a political or private entity and require a bond to cover the performance of the work?
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