How much will it cost?

Each surety or insurance company files rates with each state=s insurance department for each bond type that they write. Consequently, your bond rate will be decided by the surety or insurance company that will write your bond. The type of bond, the quality of your financial information, and your credit status indicate which surety will write your bond and therefore, how much it will cost.


  How long will it take?

We write bonds with over 15 markets. Once we receive all of the information we need to underwrite your specific bond request and, depending on the surety with which we will place the bond, the timeframe could be anywhere from one day to two weeks.


  What is the difference between bonding and insurance?

Insurance is a two party contract between the insurance company and the insured. A bond is a three party contract between you or your company, the insurance company, and the entity requiring that you provide a bond (obligee). Insurance protects you and/or your property. Bonds protect the obligee and/or their property.


  What types of bonds do you write?

We write all types of bonds with the exception of bail bonds.